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About Jared 'JCap' Caplin

12/17/16 Jared recorded,“I hope you enjoy the story of J Cap.”

“I just want people to be happy, No matter what.” Jared JCap Caplin. “Sometimes life turns out different than you expect. Even if your life isn’t very good right now, it can always get better.”JCap is Awesome!!!

At 19 years old Jared Caplin created J Cap’s Foundation for Disabilities as a 501c3 Non-profit organization. His mission was to inspire and help people.

01/13/2020 JCap & I named this year Vision 2020/Impact 2020. 01/15/2020 The torch was passed.. Impact 2020 Mission: “Make Somebody’s Day -Everyday Like it’s the Only Day.”

Consider the Impact of an army of individuals - gamers, youth, adults and business owners, doing the little things. One act of kindness “Everyday” that “makes Somebody’s day” like it is “the Only day.” One little act x 1000, 10,000 100,000 1 million: THE POWER OF JCAPISAWESOME.ORG

About JCap's Foundation

The truck had originally been meant for Jared “JCap” Caplin, a YouTube gaming influencer who made it a goal to entertain and inspire others through his videos. Sadly, he unexpectedly died at the age of 22 on Jan. 15, 2020, two days before the truck with his logo on the sides arrived at his family’s home in St. George. Alan Caplin, Jared’s father, stepped out of the GMC and pressed a button on a key fob that caused the entire passenger side of the extended cab to rise up like a hatchback door. A moment later, a platform that had been built to carry Jared Caplin’s motorized wheelchair slowly swung out of the cab and lowered to the ground.

Jared Caplin had muscular dystrophy and was confined to a wheelchair at an early age. Despite this, he became an esports athlete and social media influencer who hoped to inspire others to chase their dreams no matter their limitations. “I just want to make people happy – no matter what,” was a goal of Jared Caplin’s that his father now seeks to continue through the nonprofit, JCap’s Foundation for Disabilities. That’s where the JCap truck comes in.

The service, JCap’s Legacy Limo Service, is described as upscale transportation for children and teens with disabilities offering free rides to and from school and other activities. In addition to the free transportation, those who use the service will get to have their stories told through “JCap’s Corner,” which will appear over the JCap’s Foundation social media channels and other online mediums.

“My fear is there are a lot of kids who may not have the same opportunity to get some recognition, and I want to have a way to bring some light into their lives,” Alan Caplin said.

Other projects Jap’s Foundation is involved in include creating a scholarship program, developing a community specifically designed to cater to families with special needs, working with a gaming company to build customized gaming controllers for people with disabilities as well as other pursuits.


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