Jcap's Foundation

for Disabilities

Jcap's Foundation

for Disabilities

Helping those who have disabilities, anytime, anywhere

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JCap's foundation for Disabilities mission statement is "Helping Make Somebody's Day, Everyday, Like it's the last day." Your donation

can help us to do that. We use the donation money for a variety of different programs, scholarships, and initiatives to help out anybody who has been affected by a disability. Some of those programs include:

Riverbend hollow community

Scholarships for Students who

have disabilities

Jcap's legacy limo

Free Transportation for those

who can't get around easily

Gaming controllers

JCap loved to play video games and we are working to develop controllers that people with disabilities can use


We provide access to vacation rentals that cater to families with special needs

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Corporate Info

1453 S Dixie Dr #150, St George, UT

Office Hours

Monday: 8am - 7pm

Tuesday: 8am- 7pm

Wednesday: 8am - 7pm

Thursday: 8am - 7pm

Friday: 8am - 7pm

Sat-Sun: Off

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